Digital Geyser Thermostat
Manually switching your geyser on and off at the DB board can be very time consuming, and incredibly irritating when you forget to switch it back on! Geyser Wise have…
The Geyser Blanket
Eskom estimates that 51.8% of the energy used in heating water can be saved (keeping the thermostat at the same temperature) just by adding 50mm of insulation. A geyser blanket…
Light Sensors
It's getting darker much earlier and lighter much later now, meaning that many of us are coming home to a dark property after work. This is a potential security risk.…
Weatherproof your Home - Door Seals
Another super idea is to install a bottom door seal which works in conjunction with the weather strips to completely shut out all draughts coming through the doors. We offer…
Weatherproof your Home - Weather Strips
It's fine to turn on the heating, but it won't do you much good if you have a draft blowing in through gaps in windows and doors. You can dramatically…

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